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IOS XE Amsterdam 17.3.1

Status: Available | Release Date: 31-Jul-2020

Cisco CSR 1000V,思科云服务路由器 1000V 系列

思科云服务路由器 1000V 系列view expanded image


思科® 云业务路由器 1000V (CSR 1000V) 是一款虚拟封装的单租户路由器,为多租户提供商托管云提供全面的广域网网关功能。CSR 1000V 使用熟悉的行业领先 Cisco IOS® 软件网络功能,使企业能够透明地将其广域网扩展到外部提供商托管云,支持提供商为其租户提供企业级网络服务。


Cisco CSR 1000v 系列拓展企业广域网络可以连接到云服务提供商,有效的降低企业用户采用混合云模式的门槛。


  • 灵活的虚拟规格专为多租户、云服务提供商设计
  • 全面的虚拟化管理服务隔离,并为每个租户提供独立的多业务路由器进程
  • 久经考验的、企业级 Cisco IOS 软件网络服务
  • 功能和操作与思科硬件路由器保持一致。
  • 与思科集成服务路由器和聚合服务路由器一起构成思科端到端的广域网络架构。


  • VPN 安全网关
  • MPLS 广域网终结
  • 数据中心网络拓展
  • 控制和数据流重定向


  • 直接连接有效改善云应用的响应时间
  • 私有广域网络集成改善网络安全、性能和提高可预测性
  • 增强企业控制、可视化和策略一致性,降低安全风险
  • 功能一致性和产品系列化提高操作效率。
  • 拓展数据中心网络连接到云服务,简化和加快应用上线


Software for a new era in networking

Cisco IOS XE is an open and flexible operating system optimized for a new era of enterprise networks.

Its standards-based programmable interfaces automate network operations and give you deep visibility into user, application, and device behaviors.

As the single OS for enterprise wired and wireless access, aggregation, core, and WAN, Cisco IOS XE reduces business and network complexity. You can qualify and deploy new services faster.

Open, resilient, secure


Accelerate your network innovation with our open, standards-based capabilities. These include NETCONF (RFC 6241) programmable interfaces, IETF YANG push telemetry, OpenConfig and IETF YANG data models, and Guest Shell Linux Containers (LXC).

Highly available and resilient

Developed with resiliency in mind, Cisco IOS XE reduces planned and unplanned downtime. Service and software upgrades are more efficient, and Graceful Insertion and Removal lets you update or debug a switch without disrupting network traffic.

Built-in security and trust

Cisco IOS XE helps protect against modern cyberattacks. It assures that Cisco hardware and software are genuine and unmodified. And its enhanced platform integrity, security, and resilience mean you can be confident that data is trustworthy.

Release Notes

Release Notes for Cisco CSR 1000V Series, Cisco IOS XE Amsterdam 17.3.x 10/Sep/2020Updated


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