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Posted by sysin on 2021-04-23
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2021 年 4 月 22 日:今天,Canonical 发布了 Ubuntu 21.04,内置了原生的微软 Active Directory 集成、默认的 Wayland 图形和 Flutter 应用程序开发 SDK。另外,Canonical 和微软宣布在 Ubuntu 上对 Microsoft SQL Server 进行性能优化和联合支持。


Ubuntu 21.04 新特性如下

Updated Packages

Linux kernel :penguin:

Ubuntu 21.04 includes the 5.11 Linux kernel.

Toolchain Upgrades :hammer_and_wrench:

GCC was updated to the 10.3.0 release, binutils to 2.36.1, and glibc to 2.33. Python now ships at version 3.9.4, Perl at version 5.32.1. LLVM now defaults to version 12. golang defaults to version 1.16.x. rustc defaults to version 1.50. (sysin)

In addition to OpenJDK 11, OpenJDK 16 is now provided (but not used for package builds).

Ruby was updated from v2.7.0 to v2.7.2, and rubygems has been extracted from ruby2.7 source and is provided as a separate package 6.

Security Improvements :lock:

Secureboot on x86_64 (amd64) and AArch64 (arm64) have been improved to include SBAT capable shim, grub2, fwupd. For more details see this discourse post 15.

nftables is now the default backend for the firewall.

Ubuntu Desktop

  • Added support for smartcard authentication (via pam_sss 36)
  • Wayland is now the default on most configurations, which features better security and performance
  • The desktop view now properly handles drag and drop interactions, e.g. dragging from/to the file manager
  • The power profile mode can now be changed from the settings (on configuration where there is proper kernel support)
  • Pipewire support is now enabled which restore working screen recording and allow better audio handling for sandboxed applications
  • The installer includes support for specifying a recovery key, which can be used to decrypt the disk if the password is forgotten
  • The Active Directory integration has been improved. User authentication with GPO enabled works out of the box after installation. It also includes a Group Policy client (ADSys) 53 to configure various settings from a central AD controller.

GNOME :footprints:

While the new shell version hasn’t been included yet in Ubuntu the applications have been mostly updated to their GNOME 40 versions.

Updated Applications

  • Firefox :fire::fox_face: version 87
  • LibreOffice :books: version 7.1.2-rc2
  • Thunderbird :cloud_with_lightning::bird: version 78.8.1

Updated Subsystems

  • PulseAudio 14
  • BlueZ 5.56
  • NetworkManager 1.30

Ubuntu Server

  • Rails 6

  • QEMU was updated to the 5.2 release.

  • Libvirt has been updated to version 7.0.

  • DPDK was updated to 20.11.1

  • Open vSwitch has been updated to 2.15

  • Chrony has been updated to version 4.0

  • Strongswan has been updated to 5.9.1

  • Openvpn has been updated to 2.5.1

  • Virt-manager has been updated to 3.2.0

  • Postgresql has been updated to v13.2

  • Samba has been updated to 4.13.3

  • SSSD has been updated to 2.40

  • Net-SNMP has been updated to 5.9

  • Rsyslog has been updated to 8.2102.0

  • Containerd has been updated to 1.4.4

  • Runc has been updated to 1.0.0-rc93

  • Docker.io 11 has been updated to 20.10.2

  • Targetcli-fb replaces tgt

  • Other noteworthy changes

    • needrestart 37 is installed by default on Ubuntu Server.
    • The nginx lua module has been removed as the latest upstream version of this module no longer works with Nginx directly. See bug 1893753 27 for details.
  • OpenStack: Ubuntu 21.04 includes the latest OpenStack release, Wallaby


已更新:Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)

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