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VMware Cloud Director Availability™ 4.3 | 23 NOV 2021 | Build 18930473 (Product version:
VMware Cloud Director Availability™ 4.0 | 2 JUN 2020 | Build 16295568



VMware Cloud Director Availability 是一款功能强大的解决方案,旨在“向”多租户 VMware 云环境或在这些云环境“之间”提供简单、安全且经济高效的纳管迁移灾难恢复服务





实现基于熟悉工具而构建的一致管理功能,该管理方式综合了以前三个解决方案的功能:vCloud Availability for VMware Cloud Director 2.0、vCloud Availability Cloud-to-Cloud DR 1.5 和 VMware Cloud Director Extender 1.1 (sysin)。简单性则得益于现代化的 HTML-5 界面、与 VMware Cloud Director 的原生集成、新的快速设备部署模式以及面向租户和服务提供商的单个基于角色的访问控制 (RBAC) 门户。


从基于订阅且价格具有竞争力的解决方案中受益,该解决方案设计的核心功能可最大限度降低成本,而紧密集成则可降低运维开销。通过源自 VMware vSphere Replication 的存储独立性、租户自助式保护、故障转移和故障恢复工作流以及基于虚拟机或 vApp 的精细控制,可提高灵活性并提供更具吸引力的经济效益。


作为 VMware Cloud Provider 平台的一部分,VMware vCloud Availability 经过全新设计,极大地简化了云环境的纳管,实现了经济高效的可用性和恢复能力,并为云服务提供商及其终端客户提供安全运维。该解决方案与 VMware Cloud Director 紧密集成 (sysin),可为基于 VMware Cloud Director 的云环境提供灾难恢复、纳管和迁移功能。


由于具备 VMware 软件体系的内置安全性,包括对静态数据和动态数据的加密,因此用户可以自信地部署安全解决方案。此外,该解决方案还提供对复制流量的内置压缩以及端到端 TLS 加密。


What’s New

VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3 now supports the following new functionality.

Advanced Retention Rules Now providers can set more than one rule for retention of the instances. Up to five different retention rules can store instances with a granularity that is changing over time. For example, the following four retention rules keep a total of 24 rotated instances. 10 instances, over distance 10 minutes unit - Retention period: 100 minutes. 10 instances, over distance 1 hours unit - Retention period: 10 hours. 2 instances, over distance 3 days unit - Retention period: 6 days. 2 instances, over distance 2 months unit - Retention period: 4 months.
DR and Migration Plans Orchestrate and schedule the recovery and the migration operations across multiple virtual machines and vApps by using plans with sequences of delayable and pausable steps, containing execution settings and existing virtual machines and vApps replications references.
1-Minute Target Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Now you can set the shortest RPO as 1 minute, by using the slider for RPO in Configure replication, in SLA profiles, or in replication policies. To meet shorter RPO, verify that you follow the recommendations for lowering the RPO violations occurrence and see https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Cloud-Director-Availability/index.html. An I/O intensive workload protected with shorter RPO can cause RPO violations.
Multisite Cloud to Cloud Authentication When multiple Availability cloud sites use a single VMware Cloud Director instance now you can use multisite authentication for performing regular replication operations when prompted to extend the session from Availability site A to Availability site B.
On-Premises Authentication by Using a Token With vCenter Server 7.0 or later, a new authentication mechanism for the on-premises tenants allows performing disaster recovery operations in the vSphere Client Plug-In that require authentication to the cloud site. When the organization uses an external identity provider, for example, SAML, the on-premises tenants can now use that method for authentication.
Add Virtual Machines in Existing vApp Groups Now, you can group one or several new virtual machines to an already existing vApp replication from on-premises to the cloud.
Placement Policies Now the system providers and their tenants can select a placement organization VDC compute policy for a specific cluster or host for the recovered virtual machine.
Optimized Reverse When performing a reverse task, now skips performing a full synchronization back to the original source workload by transferring only the deltas when there are no blocks changed in the original source and the original source disks are not modified in any way.
Backup and Restore Now you can perform an in-place restore on existing appliances. Also, now you can perform a restore on a single cloud appliance.
Select Endpoint Address for Each Network Adapter Now in a Cloud Replicator Appliance or in a Cloud Tunnel Appliance with multiple network interfaces, you can specify which of the network adapters to use for local site communication.
Replacing the Cloud Service Certificate Without Impacting Paired On-Premises Now the paired on-premises appliances verify the entire SSL certificate chain of the Cloud Service. As a result, when replacing the certificate with a valid CA-signed certificate, the paired on-premises appliances do not need re-pairing with the cloud site.
Tunnel Connectivity The following new sections now are available for verifying the statuses of the connections from the local Tunnel Service to the following destinations: Local components connectivity to all the remaining services on the cloud appliances in the local cloud site. Remote cloud sites connectivity to the remote Tunnel Service instances in all paired remote cloud sites with the local cloud site. On-Prem Incoming connectivity to all paired on-premises appliances with the local cloud site.
Improved Replicating Workloads Now on start virtual machine replication when VMware Cloud Director Availability encounters a virtual machine that is already configured for replication, possibly by another replication solution, the stale replication is automatically unconfigured first and then it is configured for replication.

This VMware Cloud Director Availability release also includes important resolved issues and updates of third-party libraries that provide security fixes.


VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3 supports an in-place upgrade directly from versions 4.1.1 and 4.2.1. To upgrade to version 4.3 from version 4.0.x, first, upgrade to version 4.2.1.

For more information, see Upgrading in the Cloud and Upgrading On-Premises.

Configuration Maximums

For the tested uptime, concurrency, and scale limits, see VMware Configuration Maximums.

Caveats and Limitations

Note: The VMware Cloud Director Availability vSphere Client Plug-In requires vSphere Client support. With earlier vSphere versions, to configure replications use the VMware Cloud Director Availability Tenant Portal. Alternatively, in VMware Cloud Director use the VMware Cloud Director Availability plug-in.

For interoperability between paired sites with mismatching VMware Cloud Director Availability versions, see Managing Connections Between Cloud Sites.

For interoperability between VMware Cloud Director Availability and other VMware products, see VMware Product Interoperability Matrices.

Supported Browsers

VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3 supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 96 and later
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium 95 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox 94 and later
  • Safari 15 and later


Since June 2020, vCloud Availability changed its product name to VMware Cloud Director Availability. In the following table you can see the new appliances names and the new services names:

VMware vCloud Availability VMware Cloud Director Availability
Previous Appliance Name Previous Service Name New Appliance Name New Service Name
vCloud Availability Replication Management Appliance vCloud Availability vApp Replication Manager Cloud Replication Management Appliance Cloud Service
vCloud Availability Replication Manager Manager Service
vCloud Availability Cloud Replicator Appliance vCloud Availability Replicator Cloud Replicator Appliance Replicator Service
vCloud Availability Cloud Tunnel Appliance vCloud Availability Tunnel Cloud Tunnel Appliance Tunnel Service
vCloud Availability On-Premises Appliance VMware Cloud Director Availability On-Premises Appliance


VMware Cloud Director Availability™ 4.0:
百度网盘链接:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1EeNVIXoBgLfEEnt1sBDO3Q 提取码:joam

VMware Cloud Director Availability™ 4.3:
百度网盘链接:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1AZJrppKroDa7WtPvT4TKDQ 提取码:7ew7

  • VMware Cloud Availability 4.3 Provider Appliance
    File size: 346.51 MB
    File type: ova
    Name: VMware-Cloud-Director-Availability-Provider-
    Release Date: 2021-11-23
    Build Number: 18930473
    SHA256SUM: 65a20ff12afb1907c7fe0957e8020f28eb16ab7e3c594d4e8dc3df3931cc4dcc

    If you use multiple network interfaces for the Cloud Replicator Appliance instances, do not upgrade to VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3. For more information, see the Release Notes: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Cloud-Director-Availability/4.3/rn/VMware-Cloud-Director-Availability-43-Release-Notes.html

  • VMware Cloud Availability 4.3 Tenant Appliance (On-premises Appliance)
    File size: 346.51 MB
    File type: ova
    Name: VMware-Cloud-Director-Availability-On-Premises-
    Release Date: 2021-11-23
    Build Number: 18930473
    SHA256SUM: fe83149e1affbdb787ed224a6ca096468de1db9e264919b90b0c8f293b68892f

  • VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3 Upgrade Disk Image
    File size: 245.46 MB
    File type: iso
    Name: VMware-Cloud-Director-Availability-
    Release Date: 2021-11-23
    Build Number: 18930473
    SHA256SUM: 358e62cff6ea86e805499c1c6f9e8b81fc83167dcd2122fcf1148aa802bd6257

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