CentOS 8 2105 发布 (8.4.2105)

Posted by sysin on 2021-06-05
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虽然 Redhat 及时发布了 CentOS 8.4,生命周期仍然是年底结束(End-of-life 31 December 2021),还是等待 Rocky Linux 尽快发布正式版!


我们很高兴地宣布最新的 CentOS Linux 8 版本。立即生效,这是 CentOS Linux 8 的当前版本并标记为 2105,派生来自红帽企业 Linux 8.4 源代码。

与往常一样,请通读发行说明,网址为:http://wiki.centos.org/Manuals/ReleaseNotes/CentOS8.2105 - 这些笔记包含有关发布的重要信息和一些细节 CentOS QA 团队发布的内容。这些笔记不断更新以包含问题并纳入来自用户。


Upstream changes

See the Overview section of the upstream RHEL 8.4 release notes.

Of particular note, this release adds the following new versions of software in optional module streams.

Python 3.9
SWIG 4.0
Subversion 1.14
Redis 6
PostgreSQL 13
MariaDB 10.5

Several rolling AppStream have been rebased to newer versions.

LLVM Toolset 11.0.0
Rust Toolset 1.49.0
Go Toolset 1.15.7

Fully Functional Boot ISO

Since the initial release of CentOS Linux 8, our boot ISO has suffered from a number of issues that resulted in users needing to enter a mirror URL manually. We recently resolved that issue in CentOS Stream 8, and have brought the same fixes to CentOS Linux 8 (2105). With this release the boot ISO will now default to using the closest mirror and no longer require entering a mirror URL manually.

Yum repo file and repoid changes

Recently we’ve done work so that CentOS Stream operates as a distribution independently of CentOS Linux: https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2020-September/056069.html

Continuing this work, we made some changes in CentOS Linux 8.3.2011 that make the process of migrating from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream easier. This meant that we needed to change the name of some files in /etc/yum.repos.d and update repoids to match.

As a good practice with any update, if you have made any local customizations to files in /etc (including the .repo files), you will want to compare with any .rpmnew files that are created for you.

You may also want to update any scripts that you have that specify repoids using the --enablerepo or --disablerepo flags

Repoid (8.2.2004 and before) Repoid (8.3.2011 and later)
BaseOS baseos
AppStream appstream
PowerTools powertools
centosplus plus
HighAvailability ha
base-debuginfo debuginfo
Devel devel
BaseOS-source baseos-source
AppStream-source appstream-source
centosplus-source plus-source
base-debuginfo debuginfo


CentOS 8 2105:

该版本暂未 minimal iso

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CentOS 8 系列 x86_64 镜像:

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