Cisco Nexus 9000v Switch,NX-OS 9.3.5 Download

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Nexus 9000v Switch > NX-OS System Software - 9.3(5) Release Date: 21-Jul-2020

Cisco Nexus 9000v Switch

Virtual NX-OS switch for network prototyping

With the Nexus 9000v Switch, test and prototype the latest features of Cisco NX-OS in an easily deployable virtual machine (sysin).

Modeling with Nexus 9000v

Create a virtual switch and run Cisco NX-OS with complete control plane features.

Features and Capabilities

Get a powerful, virtual network for testing and prototyping environments using the Nexus 9000v, powered by Cisco NX-OS.

Open and programmable

  • The Nexus 9000v supports NX-OS APIs for network programming and easy integration of your test automation suite

Easy deployment and portability

  • A portable, virtual machine format allows for easy installation and testing
  • Reproduce desired network states using virtual machine snapshots

Specifications at a Glance

  • Interfaces : 64 +1 (dataport plus management)
  • Programmability : Chef, Ansible and Puppet Integration
  • L3 Features : CDP, BGPv4, BGPv6, OSPFv3, EIGRP, RIP, BGP EVPN
  • L2 Features : L2 Switching Unicast, L2 Switching Multicast, VXLAN, vPC

New and Changed Information

From Cisco NX-OS Release 9.3.3 (sysin), Nexus 9000v has been transformed into a platform family with two platforms: Nexus 9300v and Nexus 9500v.

  • The Nexus 9300v represents a virtual non-modular switch including a single line card with 64 virtual interfaces.
  • Nexus 9500v represents a virtual modular switch capable of supporting up to 16 line cards with 400 virtual interfaces.

Users of existing versions of the Nexus 9000v should use the Nexus 9300v platform. The capability and deployment between the older Nexus 9000v and new Nexus 9300v are identical. However, the outputs from three ‘show’ commands have changed. A binary upgrade on an older Nexus 9000v platform automatically transforms it into a Nexus 9300v platform

Upgrading from a New NX-OS Image

Nexus 9300v upgrades are only allowed from a VM created with virtual artifacts from Cisco Nexus 9000v, Release 9.3(1) and onwards. Before upgrading, ensure there’s 400Mb + of new NX-OS binary image on the bootflash. To upgrade, copy the new binary to the bootflash and then upgrade using the standard NX-OS workflow (for example: install all nxos bootflash:///<nxos.bin>).

Nexus 9500v upgrades aren’t supported as this is the first release of the platform.


Cisco Nexus 9000v Switch,NX-OS 9.3.5

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