Maltego v4.2.19.1394 (macOS, Linux, Windows)

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Maltego 简介

使用 Maltego 挖掘、合并、测绘数据


什么是 Maltego

Maltego 是一种开源情报和图形链接分析工具,用于收集和连接调查任务的信息。Maltego 是一个在 Windows、Mac 和 Linux 上运行的 Java 应用程序。

Maltego 被广泛的用户使用,从安全专业人员到法医调查员、调查记者和研究人员。

Maltego 桌面客户端

Maltego 桌面客户端是一个可视化界面,所有收集的信息都在其中链接和组合。 它是一个在 Windows、Mac 和 Linux 上运行的 Java 应用程序。 Maltego 允许用户以直观的点击逻辑逐步创建图形。 Maltego 客户端目前有 3 个版本:

Maltego 解决方案

网络安全的行动:加快复杂的 SOC 调查从几小时到几分钟


信任与安全:打击欺诈、滥用和内部威胁与 Maltego


  • Operating System

    Maltego works on Windows 7, 8 and 10, Linux (various distributions) as well as OS X. As Maltego is Java based it should work on most operating systems.

  • Software Requirements

    You will need a 64-bit version of Java 8 or 11 run-time installed on your machine in order to use Maltego.

    The Java 8 and 11 JRE’s are is available for most popular operating systems, and we would recommend the Oracle JRE over OpenJDK.

  • Hardware Requirements


    • 4GB RAM,
    • Intel i3
    • 10Mbps Internet access speed
    • 720p display


    • 16GB RAM
    • Intel i7
    • 20Mbps or more Internet access speed
    • 1080p display

    When working with large graphs, it’s best to have as much memory and CPU as possible. Adding new results to a large graph, as well as calculating new graph layouts require a lot of computing power.

    A faster internet connection allows Transforms to run on large graphs in less time.

  • Network Requirements

    To check updates, load the Maltego splash page as well as the icons for Transform hub items, Maltego will need to connect to “http[s]://*“ on port 80 and 443.

    In order to use Maltego at its full capabilities, your client will need to be able to access the following servers on ports 80 and 443:


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