NetApp ONTAP Select 9.8 - 软件定义的存储

NTAP Select:灵活部署、类云敏捷性

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ONTAP Select 软件定义的存储

什么是 ONTAP 数据管理软件?


我们知道,您现在有不止一个“第一要务”……要帮助您实现业务增长、可靠地支持您当前的应用程序、预测并为未来做好准备,此外,还要在没有额外 IT 预算的情况下完成所有任务。

使用 ONTAP,您无需做出让步即可实现这些优先事项。快速应对新的业务挑战,简化日常活动并为团队留下深刻印象 (sysin)。听起来很合您的心意?无论您在内部环境和云中有着怎样的数据管理需求,ONTAP 都能满足您。

ONTAP Select:灵活部署、类云敏捷性

NetApp® ONTAP® Select 软件定义的存储虚拟设备将云的敏捷性和精细容量扩展优势与内部部署存储的灵活性、故障恢复能力和数据定位融为一体。明智之选!

为什么选择 ONTAP Select 来实施混合云?

强大的企业级软件定义存储 (SDS)

NetApp ONTAP Select 提供了一些强大的企业级存储服务,可以从您的自有数据中心轻松部署到自选的商用硬件上。它将云在灵活性和细粒度容量扩展方面的优势与内部存储的灵活性、故障恢复能力和本地性优势完美地结合在一起。

ONTAP Select 可将服务器的内部磁盘驱动器、NVMe、SSD 或 HDD 以及 HCI 和外部阵列存储转变为一个兼具灵活性和敏捷性的存储系统,该系统具有基于 NetApp® ONTAP® 数据管理软件的专用存储系统的许多优势。

90 天免费试用

免费试用 ONTAP® 90 天,发现为什么它是全球领先的企业数据管理软件。立即开始使用 Cloud Volumes ONTAP 或 ONTAP Select。

ONTAP® Select 9 Evaluation Deployment Description

Product overview

ONTAP Select is a software-only version of ONTAP 9 implemented as a virtual appliance. It provides an enterprise class storage management solution running on commodity hardware. Because of the inherent flexibility of the virtualization technology, ONTAP Select offers several deployment models that can be used to address different business requirements and usage scenarios (sysin).

ONTAP Select is composed of two major software components:

  • ONTAP Select node image
    Each node in a cluster is deployed as a virtual machine and runs a specially-designed derivative of the ONTAP 9 software.

  • ONTAP Select Deploy administration utility
    The Deploy administration utility is installed as a separate Linux virtual machine and is used to deploy the ONTAP Select clusters.

Supported installation options for an evaluation deployment

There are two options when deploying an ONTAP Select cluster with an evaluation license:

  • OVF template installation to VMware ESXi without Deploy

    An ONTAP Select single-node cluster is packaged as an OVA file. You can deploy the OVA directly to a VMWare ESXi host without using the Deploy administration utility. This deployment option only supports a single-node cluster running on ESXi.

  • ONTAP Select Deploy administration utility

    You must install the Deploy utility first and then use it to deploy an ONTAP Select cluster. Using the Deploy utility allows you to create multi-node clusters consisting of one or more HA pairs, as well as target ESXi or KVM.


  • The software resources provided at this site allow you to deploy an ONTAP Select cluster with an evaluation license.
  • You can deploy an ONTAP Select cluster with the NODAR option only.
  • You must not use an evaluation cluster in a production environment.
  • If you create an evaluation cluster using the Deploy administration utility, you can later upgrade to a capacity tiers license for use in a production environment.
  • If you create an evaluation cluster using a direct OVF template installation, upgrading to a purchased license for a production environment is not supported.
  • The installation and deployment workflow used with the Deploy utility is different than the workflow used with a direct OVF template installation.

Overview of single-node cluster packaged as an OVF template

The ONTAP Select OVF template provides an alternative method for deploying ONTAP Select. You can quickly deploy a single-node cluster without the need for the ONTAP Select Deploy utility. Instead, you directly install an ONTAP Select node image to the ESXi hypervisor host using vSphere. By using the OVF template, which is available as a single OVA file, you can install and evaluate ONTAP Select without the normal production deployment requirements.

The ONTAP Select OVF template deployment provides the following features and restrictions:

  • Packaged as a single OVA file that you can easily download and deploy
  • Supports a single-node cluster only (multi-node cluster is not supported)
  • Includes a 90-day evaluation license
  • Eliminates the need to acquire a serial number and capacity license from NetApp
  • Permits evaluation deployments only

System requirements for an OVF template installation

The basic system requirements for an OVF template installation include:

ESXi version:
    6.5 U2 (build 8294253 or greater)
    6.7 GA (build 8169922 or greater)
    7.0 GA (build 15843807 or greater)
Any VMware vSphere license
16 GB vMemory reserved
4 vCPU cores reserved

Product documentation and support

If you plan to install an ONTAP Select single-node evaluation cluster directly to VMware ESXi using the OVF template, see the following publication:

If you plan to use the Deploy administration utility to deploy an ONTAP Select evaluation cluster on VMware ESXi, see the following documentation:

If you plan to use the Deploy administration utility to deploy an ONTAP Select evaluation cluster on KVM, see the following publication:

For product support with an evaluation deployment, refer to the NetApp Community site. Click ONTAP Select to start a discussion and to see all of the postings related to ONTAP Select.


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