VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (NSX ALB) 21.1.6

multi-cloud software-defined load balancer

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NSX Advanced Load Balancer (NSX ALB) is a multi-cloud software-defined load balancer that provides scalable application delivery across any infrastructure. NSX ALB is 100% software-defined and some of the key features include:

  • Multi-cloud: Consistent experience across deployment of on-premises and cloud environments through central management and orchestration.
  • Intelligence: Built-in analytics drive actionable insights that make autoscaling seamless, automation intelligent, and decision making easy.
  • Automation: 100% REST APIs enable self-service provisioning and integration into the CI/CD pipeline for application delivery.

NSX ALB Use Cases

The key features driving the customers towards NSX ALB adoption are:

  • Load Balancer refresh.
  • Multi-Cloud initiatives (sysin).
  • Security including WAF, DDoS attack mitigation, achieve compliance (GDPR, PCI, HIPAA).
  • Container ingress (integrates via REST APIs with K8s ecosystems like GKE, OpenShift, EKS, AKS, TKG).

Architecture and Components of NSX ALB

The diagram below shows the high-level architecture of NSX ALB.


Figure 1 - NSX ALB Architecture

As shown in Fig 1, the NSX ALB controller acts as an entry point for UI/API operations for services and management. The controller interacts with the vCenter Server and NSX-T in an SDDC via API for auto-discovery of SDDC objects like ESXi Hosts, Network port groups, etc. The Service Engines are placed on the ESXi host and perform the L4/L7 load balancing for the applications deployed in the SDDC.

NSX ALB consists of two main components:

  • NSX ALB Controller: NSX ALB Controller is the central repository for the configuration and policies and can be deployed in both on-prem environments or in the cloud. NSX ALB Controller is deployed in VM form factor and can be managed using its web interface, CLI, or REST API.
  • Service Engines (SE): The Service Engines (SEs) are lightweight data plane engines that handle all data plane operations by receiving and executing instructions from the controller.

The controller handles the following tasks:

  • All platform related configuration is done on controllers.
  • Manage and store all policies related to services and management.
  • Responsible for deploying Service Engines (sysin).
  • Manage the placement of virtual services on SEs to load balance new applications or scale-up capacity of current applications.
  • Facilitates UI console to perform the configuration and management.
  • Host API services and the management plane cluster daemons.

The responsibilities of Service Engines are:

  • Perform load balancing and all client and server-facing network interactions.
  • Collect real-time application telemetry from application traffic flows.
  • Execute data plane application delivery controls operations, such as health monitoring and test the performance of the back-end servers.
  • Protect against security threats (DoS, suspicious client IPs).

Why you should choose NSX ALB

Traditional hardware load balancers have the following limitations:

  • No Auto Scaling when load balancer runs out of capacity for the virtual service placement
  • No Self-healing in a failure scenario
  • Manual Virtual Service placement
  • Complex upgrade procedure
  • Compatibility with various platforms/cloud infrastructure.

NSX ALB is a 100% software-defined solution designed to address the above challenges.

NSX ALB Use Cases in VMware Cloud on AWS

  • Load balancing of application inside an SDDC.
  • Global load balancing across 2 or more SDDCs in VMware Cloud on AWS or between on-prem environment and an SDDC running in VMware Cloud.
  • Integrates with Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster (TKG) to provide load balancing functionality for the Kubernetes workloads.
  • Utilize NSX ALB in a hybrid model to provide load balancing of applications stretched between on-prem datacenter and SDDC in VMC.


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VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (NSX ALB) 21.1.6 (11/25/2022) with 21.1.6-2p8 (10/20/2023)

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