F5 BIG-IQ 8.3.0 - 集中管理 BIG-IP

BIG-IQ Centralized Management

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BIG-IQ 是 BIG-IP 的集中管理软件和平台

针对完整可见性和控制的 BIG-IQ 集中式管理,借助一个统一的管理平台 (sysin),管理您的所有 BIG-IP 设备和服务。

产品介绍请参看:F5 BIG-IQ 8.3.0 - 集中管理 BIG-IP

BIG-IQ 8.3.0 新特性

BIG-IP device management

BIG-IQ version 8.3.0 introduces the following new features for BIG-IP device management:

  • Instant and scheduled backups for F5OS devices
    You can now add VELOS and rSeries devices to BIG-IQ Central Manager to create instant and scheduled backups.

  • ihealth authentication
    Access to F5 iHealth is now authenticated through Okta.

BIG-IQ 软件支持策略

The following table lists the versions of BIG-IQ software that are currently supported.

Software version branch First customer ship End of Software Development End of Technical Support
8.3.0 (Centralized Management) 13-Apr-2023 13-Apr-2025 13-Apr-2026
8.2.0 (Centralized Management) 26-Apr-2022 26-Apr-2024 26-Apr-2025
8.1.0 (Centralized Management) 30-Jun-2021 30-Jun-2023 30-Jun-2024
8.0.0 (Centralized Management) 24-Feb-2021 24-Feb-2023 24-Feb-2024

BIG-IQ 8.3.0 兼容性

BIG-IP compatibility with BIG-IQ:

K34133507: BIG-IQ Centralized Management compatibility matrix provides a summary of version compatibility for specific features between the BIG-IQ system and BIG-IP releases.

BIG-IQ Centralized Management 8.3.0

The following table provides a general overview of the supported version and point release between the BIG-IQ and BIG-IP products.

BIG-IQ feature Minimum supported BIG-IP version Maximum supported BIG-IP version
Device - Backup/Restore, Upgrade, Licensing, etc. 12.1.0 17.1.x
Device - Legacy Device Upgrade 10.2.0 11.6.x
Device - WebSafe Licensing 12.0.0 17.1.x
Access (APM) 12.1.0 17.1.x
Local Traffic (ADC) 12.1.0 17.1.x
Fraud Protection Services (FPS) 12.1.0 17.1.x
Network Security (AFM) 12.1.0 17.1.x
Web Application Security (ASM) 12.1.0 17.1.x1
DNS 12.1.0 17.1.x
IPSEC 12.1.0 17.1.x
SSL Orchestrator (SSLO) 15.1.1 (SSLO 7.5) 16.1.3 (SSLO 9.3)2
F5 Application Visibility & Reporting module 13.1.1.x 17.1.x
Shared Security (SSM) 12.1.0 17.1.x
Service Scaling Groups (VMWare) 14.1.x
Service Scaling Groups (AWS) 13.1.x
Service Scaling Groups (Azure) 13.1.x

1The BIG-IQ Web Application Security module does not support changes to ASM Blocking Mode when managing BIG-IP devices running 14.1.0. The issue is tracked as ID 750683 (BIG-IP).
2SSL Orchestrator 7.6 through 8.2 are not compatible with BIG-IQ 8.3.0.

Browser support:

BIG-IQ version 8.3.0 supports the latest version of browsers at the time of each BIG-IQ release.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Since browsers are always releasing new versions and fixes (some security related) F5 makes all necessary efforts to support future releases of these browsers with previously-released versions of BIG-IQ. If a newer browser version has compatibility issues with your BIG-IQ user interface:

  1. Switch to the browser version in the tested list.
  2. Call Tech support and open a ticket documenting the exact versions and compatibility problems observed.

Known Issues:

ID Number 722458: Chrome 67 is unsupported with BIG-IQ. Chrome 67 will crash if you use it to try to view or modify an Application Services configuration (such as adding a pool or virtual server) or view or modify an Access Policy configuration. To work around this issue, use a supported browser/version.

Screen resolution requirements:

To properly display, the BIG-IP requires that your screen resolution is set to 1280x1024 or higher.

If you’re a Windows user, do not increase (zoom) the screen size more than 100%, because it can limit what you can view on the screen.


BIG-IQ Centralized Management v8.3.0 Release Apr 13, 2023

Filename Description Size
BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118.iso Use for upgrades. Does not include EUD 3021 MB
BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118.iso.md5 MD5 file for Use for upgrades. Does not include EUD 58 Bytes
BIG-IQ-RECOVERY-8.3.0-0.0.118.iso Use for re-imaging. Includes EUD 3521 MB
BIG-IQ-RECOVERY-8.3.0-0.0.118.iso.md5 MD5 file for Use for re-imaging. Includes EUD 67 Bytes
BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118.html BIG-IQ-8.3.0 release notes 91 KB
F5_Networks_BIG_IQ_PreUpgradeCheck_Tool-v12.tar BIG-IQ PreUpgrade check tool to run prior BIG-IQ upgrade 762 KB
F5_Networks_BIG_IQ_PreUpgradeCheck_Tool-v12.tar.md5 MD5 file for BIG-IQ PreUpgrade check tool to run prior BIG-IQ upgrade 81 Bytes
F5_Networks_BIG_IQ_PreUpgradeCheck_Tool_README.txt IMPORTANT FOR UPGRADES_Readme for PreUpgrade check tool 1 KB

BIG-IQ Centralized Management 8.3.0_Virtual-Edition Release Apr 13, 2023

Filename Description Size
BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118.vmware.ova Image fileset for VMware ESX/i Server 3017 MB
BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118.vmware.ova.md5 MD5 file for Image fileset for VMware ESX/i Server 65 Bytes
BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118.qcow2.zip Image file set for KVM Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 2702 MB
BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118.qcow2.zip.md5 MD5 file for Image file set for KVM Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 64 Bytes
BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118.vhd.zip Image fileset for Microsoft Hyper-V 2714 MB
BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118.vhd.zip.md5 MD5 file for Image fileset for Microsoft Hyper-V 62 Bytes

BIG-IQ Centralized Management 8.3.0_Cloud-Images Release Apr 13, 2023 (Images for AWS and Azure)

Filename Description Size
Creating_AWS_Image.txt Instructions for creating an AWS image 267 Bytes
Creating_Azure_Image.txt Instructions for creating an Azure image 277 Bytes
AWS-F5_Networks-BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118-standard.tar.gz File for creating AWS image 3 GB
AWS-F5_Networks-BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118-standard.tar.gz.md5 MD5 file for File for creating AWS image 86 Bytes
BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118.Azure-byol.vhd.tar.gz File for creating Azure image 2 GB
BIG-IQ-8.3.0-0.0.118.Azure-byol.vhd.tar.gz.md5 MD5 file for File for creating Azure image 76 Bytes


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